Lifetime Cashflow Modelling

Lifetime Cashflow modelling is a key part of the financial planning process. We  use modelling software tools to help clients better visualise their financial future. From a financial planning perspective we see it as a way of presenting a clients current financial position in graphical form and seeing how it might unfold in the future based on the information we have today.

It is used for general financial planning, or specific transactional advice such as life cover shortfall or pension shortfall based on today’s information.  It can be particularly useful for clients who have an immediate financial shortfall they wish to address.

Our Lifetime Cashflow Analysis service captures a client’s various incomes and outgoings – both current and any that are planned in the future. This allows us to model complex anticipated changes in a client’s future circumstances. As our service is fully integrated, the cashflow results include any cashflows and investment incomes already entered in other modules. Our service also applies taxation to the various income sources.

The software module in our Dynamic Planner system generates a cashflow forecast chart and a surplus/deficit chart to indicate the overall (after tax and outgoings) cashflow surplus or deficit for each of the next thirty years. This helps identify any future cashflow opportunities or challenges very quickly.

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