Our Process

We follow a structured financial planning process that allows us to provide you with the most suitable financial advice for your individual set of circumstances. As a first step, we arrange a Complimentary Initial Consultation where we discuss your financial needs and objectives, explain how we work, and answer your initial questions. By hearing about how we help our existing clients, you’ll have the opportunity to discover how we can add real value to your life and finances.  We will provide you with a full written quotation for the work involved before. If you decide to instruct us to act on your behalf we will then begin working on your structured financial planning program.

Profiling; Gathering all the facts

We work extremely hard to get to know and understand you and your finances, your values and what’s important to you and your life, so that we can offer you the most suitable financial advice. This process involves the gathering of data and information with regards to your personal and financial circumstances, liaising with existing providers, goal setting and planning as summarised below:

  • Personal details, Assets & Liabilities, Income & Expenditure, Cash Flow
  • Current arrangements and existing policies
  • Financial History & Satisfaction Profiling
  • Life Goals & Principles Profiling

Risk Profiling sessions

This process involves explaining investment risk to you and listening to your reactions in order to understand the level of risk that you are prepared to take. The word ‘risk’ has several different meanings and applies to many aspects of life. We use computer-based and psychometric risk profiling tools, discussion and the fact-finding process to ascertain the risk profile and risk capacity of our clients.

Analysis; Research & Data-modelling

Analysis and research forms an essential part of the work that we do. Our team of technical experts working on your behalf dig down deep and fully cover all of the options that are available to you and your family. The purpose of the Analysis session is to provide as clear a view as possible of your current financial position and the expected situation for the remainder of your life. We bring together all of the data and information gathered from the Discovery session and apply modern analytical techniques, such as Lifetime Cashflow Analysis, to understand your financial position now and into the future. Financial Research also forms an important part of the work that we do, ensuring that only the most suitable products that match your needs are recommended. We deploy specialist financial software applications to assist us in researching products from the ‘whole of market’. For example, there are over 2,500 mortgage products available in the market with changes occurring on a daily basis as providers release new products and remove older ones. Our comprehensive research activities are fully documented in your file and cover the following areas: Product Research/Provider Research/Platform Research/Wrapper Research/Investment Fund Research

Advice & Recommendations; Strategy & Reports

All of the previous work undertaken to this point culminates in the development of your financial plan to cover all aspects of your financial world. It is a comprehensive and detailed plan which includes your goals and objectives, risk profile, risk capacity and current financial position. Based on the understanding of what you want to achieve in the future and your current financial status, a roadmap/blueprint is created to help facilitate the achievements of your financial and life goals. We begin developing your tailored financial planning strategies and recommendations. Our professional advice is detailed in a comprehensive financial report which sets out specific and realistic recommendations designed to achieve your stated objectives, both in the short and longer term. Included in the report is full disclosure of all the associated costs for implementing our recommendations alongside the value that it brings to your overall financial situation. This enables you to see the value that our service can provide you with.

Implementation; the theory ends and the action begins

We ensure that all of our decisions to implement achieve an optimum balance between cost and efficiency to ensure the best possible outcome for our clients. We believe that best execution and selection have to be achieved for the implementation process to remain sustainable. We manage the whole implementation process on your behalf from application processing to dealing with all 3rd parties as below:

  • Administration – completing proposals and application forms, liaising with providers throughout the application process
  • Systems – decision made on technology systems needed to implement strategy
  • Wrap platform – having all your investments held in one user-friendly online environment where you can get instant valuations of your portfolio, a range of tax wrappers and cash management solutions
  • Costs – we work hard to keep costs to a minimum in line with our philosophy
  • Additional services – liaising with 3rd parties such as solicitors, accountants etc to ensure implementation runs smoothly

Ongoing Management; Keeping on Track

Your circumstances are most unlikely to remain constant for very long therefore progress meetings are invaluable part of the process. Life events such as marriage, parenthood, divorce, job move or retirement – can happen in a planned or unplannned way. Your Financial Plan has to adapt to these events. Changes in assets or income can take place relatively rapidly and have profound effects. Your views and experience can mature and develop. The death or illness or a colleague or friend could increase your awareness of the need for protection. Increasing proximity to retirement could stimulate a greater interest in planning for the event. A financial progress meeting should also take place close to the time when a policy matures or a mortgage or other loan is to be redeemed. Economic and financial conditions can change. Low interest rates are prompting many investors to consider switching from deposit-based investments to alternative homes for their savings.

Our clients will not effectively achieve their financial goals and objectives if they abandon their long-term financial planning strategies in response to recent market events, predictions of the future or losing their plan discipline. We help clients manage their individual financial plans, their investment portfolios, and help maintain discipline which can be a difficult but important challenge that can make or break a financial plan and investment portfolio. We conduct fundamental reappraisals of client goals and aspirations, with adjustments to their financial plan if necessary. We revisit the process to reassure clients that they remain on track to meet their goals through our annual progress and review meetings.

Rebalancing to stay on track

Over time, a given portfolio will likely drift from its agreed asset allocation, resulting in risk-and-return characteristics that may be inconsistent with the client target profile. We carry out portfolio rebalancing to help maintain our client’s target asset allocation.