Whether you’re a veteran investor or simply wondering if investment is the right route for you, we can help. We will assess your needs and put together an attractive investment portfolio that offers great returns in-line with your long-term financial objectives and appetite for risk.

Why Invest?

For years, putting your money into a savings account has been one of the safest and most efficient ways to invest your money. However, with the fallout of the 2008 financial crisis, many savings accounts offer even less interest than your current account does. Those hoping to build on existing capital and savings are now looking towards creating an investment portfolio instead, taking more control of their finances in order to provide a greater return.

Whether you’re looking for a quick return of capital, or a steady earner over a longer period of time, Mamucium Capital can offer advice. When searching for investment opportunities it can be like looking into an ocean of opportunity, and Mamucium Capital will trawl through to find the perfect catch for your currency.

With our dedicated team of financial experts, we have an independent status that allows us to provide you with an impartial insight into current and future market trends. When considering investments, even a veteran investor can benefit from financial advice, giving you the confidence on which to build informed and sound investments.

Choosing the best Investment and Savings?

When considering investments there are a number of things to take into account. Whether this is planned as a future retirement fund or a way to build upon your current capital, knowing what you want from your investments will help you establish the best financial option. Whilst for some, a single lump sum investment will be the best option, a series of regular savings over a number of different schemes may be ideal for other individuals.

Investments can offer massive capital return for low risk, but require expert knowledge and close attention to ensure they do so. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither is an excellent investment portfolio; it takes a great deal of consideration and advice.

It may be that you can receive your desired growth through savings accounts, working towards a dependable, but perhaps if lower return over a longer period of time. Even so, both investments and savings can incur a number of fees and charges that may not be made apparent when signing up, or can be subject to high taxation. Ensuring that your investments are tax efficient and provide the greatest level of return is crucial to a decent saving plan.

Types of Investments and Savings

Here are just some of the products that are available for investments and savings:

  • Individual Savings Account (ISA)

This is a tax free savings account that will gain interest the more you out in. There are limitations to how much you can deposit in each year, and also how much you can withdraw over a period of time

  • Stocks and Shares

Investing money on the stock market can offer a great deal of individual choice, searching for companies with high growth or low risk to your personal preference.  Putting together a diverse investment portfolio is an excellent way to grow existing capital

  • Collective Investment Funds

Many companies offer collective investment funds where by either paying a lump sum or monthly cost, you can receive capital growth based on a companies investment. This may be subject to income tax, but can provide an excellent solution to those who have reached their ISA and stock allowance limits.

  • Investment Bond

If you have extra personal capital, you can put this into bonds for long term investments. You can make regular withdrawals, or tie your money up for longer periods of time should you choose. As with investment funds, it’s important to make sure you choose the best establishment for your needs.

Our Services

Mamucium Capital are experts when it comes to financial investment. With our decades of experience, we can provide you with a personal investment portfolio based on your appetite for risk and desired investment growth. Our impartial advice can translate industry jargon to give you sound advice over your finances. Our services include the following:

  • Providing you with an investment portfolio
  • Plan adjustment to conside inflation and current savings
  • Clear assessment of risks and needs
  • Best investments for your situation
  • Ensuring optimum tax efficiency
  • Appropriate spread of investment classes
  • Utilising the latest respected independent market research
  • Proactive monitoring of your finances and management of portfolio

Mamucium Capital don’t just stop once you’ve made your financial decisions, we will provide you with regular financial reports to ensure that your investments are getting the best possible return with the greatest level of tax efficiency.

If you have any questions about our range of investment and savings services, or investments in general, call us on 01613125830 or fill in the contact us page to the right for a free, no-obligation chat.