We offer a wide range of mortgage solutions and other property-related financial services. Whether you’re a veteran investor or a first time buyer, we can help. Our dedicated team will get to grips with your individual needs and find a mortgage product that meets your exact requirements.

Property purchase

Mamucium Capital has decades of experience in offering independent property purchase and mortgage advice.

We’ll carry out a detailed analysis of the market to find a suitable mortgage to meet your specific needs or examine how a re-mortgage could provide you with immediate capital in the most effective way.

With years of experience, Mamucium Capital are experts when it comes to property purchase and mortgage advice. Be it for a personal home, buy-to-let or a commercial property, we are an independent financial advisory company, constantly surveying the market to give you impartial and informed advice.

Explaining the complexities of the market and demystifying the jargon heavy mortgage contracts, we will help you attain a clear view of your property finance needs. Picking a mortgage can be one of the most important decisions of your life, and with Mamucium Capital keeping your interests central, we will help you find the best finance for your purchase.

Choosing the right mortgage

With so many options available on the market, it can be difficult to know exactly what you want from a mortgage. Whilst generally a mortgage is a commitment of repayments for around 25 years, this can be made longer or shorter depending on your financial circumstances. Mamucium Capital will help to work out your affordability, letting you understand how much you have available to purchase a property.

Most mortgages are offered by banks and building societies, each with its own specific policies and requirements. Mamucium Capital will scour the market to find the most appropriate deal for you, giving access to many mortgages that are not offered directly to customers. This will ensure that not only do you have access a mortgage with an excellent rate, but one that allows the type of payments ideal for you.

When looking for monthly payments that suit you, there are two popular options: interest only and repayments. Whilst repayments will mean that over time you are closer to paying off your overall mortgage, interest only is much more affordable. Depending on the property and your future plans, we can advise you on the best mortgage type for your specific needs.

In 2014 the Mortgage Market Review led to new rules being introduced by the country’s financial regulator, making it safer for buyers to sign up for a mortgage. However, with these changes have come much tighter requirements, meaning that sound financial advice has never been more pertinent. As experts in mortgage legislation, Mamucium Capital stay up-to-date with all mortgage regulations and developments passing this information on to you.

With our detailed market analysis we are able to advise you about potential increases in interest rates. Whilst mortgage payments may be low now, if the interest rate is to change your monthly costs could go up. We will ensure that you are aware of any potential changes to the market as soon as we are, so you can make the best long term financial decisions.

Our Comprehensive Mortgage Service

Working with Mamucium Capital you will receive a wide range of services at each stage of your property purchase. As well as assessing the best method by which to finance a purchase, we will offer long term support in annual mortgage reviews as standard.

Should you be considering re-mortgaging your property for a better rate, or investing in another property through buy-to-let, we are able to offer advice.  We can assist you with all your property finance needs.

If you would like to learn more about the professional mortgage service offered by Mamucium Capital, please call on 01613125830, or fill in our contact us form.