PROTECTPLAN: Comprehensive Protection Plan

PROTECTPLAN is our comprehensive Protection Solution. It provides the correct protection strategies to protect your family’s lifestyle if your income suddenly changes due to premature death or illness. Our Protection Insurance solution is an integrated solution to give you and your family peace of mind. Providing all is going to plan, it can be immensely satisfying building up assets and increasing your personal wealth. But as we all know, and when you’re least expecting it, life will always deliver the occasional problem. That’s why we believe that the implementation of a robust protection strategy is equally as important as a wealth creation strategy. 

Having the correct protection strategy in place will enable you to protect your family’s lifestyle if your income suddenly changes due to premature death or illness. But choosing the right options can be difficult without obtaining professional advice to ensure you protect your family from financial hardship. PROTECTPLAN will build up a comprehensive picture of existing protection that you have in place and identify any shortfalls in terms of Life Cover, Critical Illness, Income Protection and Private Medical Insurance. We ensure that you find the right solutions to protect your assets and offer your family lasting benefits. Our professional advice is essential to making informed decisions about the most suitable sum assured, premium, terms, payment provisions and product selection.


Data Collection

We carefully gather detailed information on you, your current financial situation and your goals and objectives. 


A team of technical experts apply analytical and data-modelling techniques to make sense of your financial situation now and into the future.


Our research activities include product research, provider research, platform research, wrapper selection and investment fund selection to ensure you receive the best available products.


With a full understanding of your current situation and your priorities, we begin developing your individual financial strategies.


We ensure that all of our decisions to implement truly achieve optimum balance between cost efficiency and ensuring the best possible outcome for our clients.

Ongoing Management

We work hard to ensure that your financial goals and objectives remain suitable and on track for you over many years by providing clients with an ongoing service that includes regular reviews.

What are the benefits of having a PROTECTPLAN?

PROTECTPLAN has been designed to give you the peace of mind you deserve, and the time to enjoy life without the burden of daily investment worries. 

  • Want to better protect you, your family and your assets but aren’t sure where to start
  • Don’t have time to do your own protection planning and research
  • Want a professional opinion about your existing protection strategy and products
  • Don’t have sufficient expertise in certain areas such as life insurance, critical illness cover, income protection cover, mortgage protection policies
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