SPORTSOL : Our Sport ‘Financial Partner’ Solution

We manage the finances of some of the world’s most talented and influential individuals. SportSol was established in 2014 and today we are proud to work with some of the leading contemporary sports people and creatives. An acute understanding of our clients’ own career cycles ensures that our experts are perfectly placed to work with them as their careers develop – maximising the opportunities presented as they peak and planning for a sustainable future. Our experts understand the individualistic nature of our clients and the irregularity of work or income that can often present barriers when seeking financial help. Our team understands the opportunities and threats inherent in short-term contracts, are familiar with image rights, advance sales and the value of back catalogues. We offer a flexible solution designed to bring stability and security to an inconsistent world.

From lending and insurance through to financial planning and investment advice, we provide an all-encompassing service that caters to our clients’ needs now and into the future. And our advice goes deeper, as we can also help to empower their philanthropic ambitions and advise on the emotionally complex issue of succession planning.

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